Walkerden Golf Australia, Freight & Carriage Charges Policy
Freight & Carriage Charges Policy

Please note that this policy applies to our wholesale customers only as we do not supply direct to the end user.

Walkerden Golf Shipping Policy1. This is the Freight and Carriage Charges Policy of Walkerden Golf Australia Pty. Ltd. ABN 42 001 535 524 (referred to as “we” “us” or the “Company”) for orders placed with us.
Any person, firm, company, government body or other entity who places an order with us is referred to as “you” or “Customer”.
2. By placing an order with us you authorise and request us to nominate a carrier to take delivery of goods from us on your behalf and at your risk for carriage to you or as you direct in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Company on which goods and services are supplied by the Company. You agree that arrangements for insurance of the goods is your responsibility, and that if applicable we will bill you for all freight and other carriage charges.
The freight and other carriage charges are:
• For all orders over a value of $350 to the mainland capital cities and “metropolitan areas” listed in point 4 below:
                    – Free of charge to one delivery point.
• For all orders over a value of $350 to Western Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory, A.C.T. and all other Australian areas not listed as a “metropolitan area” in point 4 below:
                    – Half freight (capped to a limit of $20) plus GST to one delivery point.
• For all orders whose value is less than $350
                   – Full freight is payable plus GST to one delivery point.
NB: “Order value” is the cost of goods and does not include GST or other charges.
*The “Freight” and other carriage charges are based on normal “freight” by road or air in Australia, as the case may be. The cost of express or other special freight and carriage requests will be charged to you and shall be included as an additional item in the invoiced price. We do not have a fuel surcharge.
3. This Freight and Carriage Charges Policy may be varied by the Company from time to time by the Company amending this Freight and Carriage Charges Policy as it appears on their website or by notice in writing to you.
4. The mainland capital cities and “metropolitan areas” are:
SYDNEY 2000 – 2234, 2558 – 2567, 2740 – 2770
MELBOURNE 3000 – 3207, 3752, 3800 – 3804, 3806, 3976 
BRISBANE & GOLD COAST 4000 – 4179, 4300 – 4301, 4500 – 4504, 4508 – 4509, 4205 - 4230 
ADELAIDE 5000 – 5050, 5061 – 5115, 5125 – 5127, 5158 – 5162, 5164 – 5166, 5168, 5942 - 5950 


This policy effective May 1, 2020.


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